Dark Grace

Curl Noise Simulations


I decided to document my process of learning Houdini. In this project I used volume and different types of noise to create organic looking images. Houdini simulations were then imported into Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane.


Digital Fashion


In this illustration series I wanted to combine various historical royal and aristocratic fashion trends with modern high fashion designs. It’s a collection of vague concepts and ideas I’ve had in my mind for quite some time. Juha Arvid Helminen's “The Invisible Empire” photography series and Mustafa Sabbagh’s work were definitely a big inspiration for this project.




Ever since I discovered mind-blowing Popovy Sistes' dolls, I wanted to create something similar in CG. I've worked on this project for quite some time, trying to make it look more "techy". Fun fact: the whole animation was rendered on a laptop.


Part I


Post apocalyptic experiments with displacement and volume. This was contest illustration, which later became my personal project. From technical standpoint this project was an important milestone, because it was the first piece made entirely in ACEScg.